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Short and Sweet: Our Mazda Gekko

Short and Sweet: Our Mazda Gekko

We are semi retired and have been thinking of living the dream for some time. However, we wanted to start on small overnight weekend trips to give us a taste of the gray nomad life. Once these trips turned out to be positive, we planned to plunge fully into living our dream. 

We bought a Mazda Gekko Campervan from The Motorhome Conversion Company and after learning the dos and don’ts, ventured into our first trip with an overnight stay at Fingal Heads, a little over the NSW border. The first night was at Fingal Holiday Park, right at the beach. Set up was a dream unlike the other caravan owners who looked hassled with reversing, taking off the hitch and other things. That gave us a good head start to swim, take walks along the beach, investigate the local light house and generally speak to everyone in the park. One gentleman was very interested, probably wanted to have it easier than the caravan he owned.

After dinner that night and wine with compliments of The Motorhome Conversion Company, we walked to the local Cafe that doubled up as the Art Gallery for dessert and coffee. Since it was a Saturday night we also got to listen to the live music. Sleeping in the van was quite comfortable and a morning walk on the beach felt invigorating. It was time to reluctantly pack which was over in a jiffy and move. We drove around exploring other areas close by such as Kingscliff, Hastings Point and Pottsville. At Pottsville there was a Sunday Market which we browsed looking for artefacts and antiques. This mini break turned out so relaxing that we were left wondering about how long we had waited to get out and enjoy ourselves.

We also did a couple of fishing trips in the Campervan. During the school holidays we took our two grandsons fishing down the Gold Coast. It was lovely to see them enjoying the outdoors and the highlight of the day was when one of them even caught a fish. Another trip was to Bramble Bay parked across a creek where there were other travellers fishing. Unfortunately we did not have any luck catching fish but we did enjoy the day with a sausage sizzle and coffee using the Gekko’s kitchen and stove facilities. We will always cherish the special memories of spending time together in the outdoors of this beautiful country.  We look forward to spending more fishing adventures with our grandsons in our Campervan. But as they say, there are so many places but so little time...

We went on another trip to Brunswick Heads staying at the North Coast Holiday Park Terrace Reserve. Luckily the weather gods were kind to us again. This is a beautiful seaside town on the river and a hop skip and jump walk over the bridge to the beautiful beach. This trip took us back to our youth because it was market day and there were lots of families and hippies. The only things missing from us was the long hair, full set of teeth and their energy! By the afternoon the hustle and bustle had quietened down and the town returned back into its tranquil setting.

We find the Gekko Campervan very versatile. We like using it as a regular vehicle during the time we are at home and also how quickly we can jump in to drive off on weekend trips. We even had a couple of travellers who offered to buy the campervan from us, but since we love it so much we referred them to The Motorhome Conversion Company.

We are amazed at the friendly people we meet in a caravan park. We have enjoyed talking to many on our short trips. Although we relax on our trips, we find enough time to go for walks and exploring the new surroundings. We love our Gekko Campervan and would love to go away every weekend. The main reason we chose the Gekko was to see if we would like the lifestyle which in retrospect is an understatement as we love it and we are already thinking to upgrade to a Coaster Motorhome.

Until then happy travels ...

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