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Setting up your Motorhome

Setting up your Motorhome
  1. Park your Motorhome on level ground, as your fridge won’t work unless the Motorhome is level.
  2. Ensure that your hand brake is on hard and lock wheels to ensure that your Motorhome will not move in heavy wind etc.
  3. For Pop Tops

-     Unclip the four corner roof clips.

-     Make sure that the main door is open to eliminate vacuum when the roof is pushed up. This makes raising the roof an easy job.

  1. Roll out and set up the awning.
  2. Plug in your 15 amp, 240 volt and power lead to the Caravan Park Power Outlet (if applicable), check power lead condition regularly.
  3. Check lights etc. are working.
  4. Start the fridge on 240 volt position.
  5. Switch gas bottles on and test the stove
  6. Hook up your mains pressure water hose
  7. Turn taps on to clean all pipes out ready to use
  8. Hook up sullage drain hose – if applicable
  9. Check inside all your cupboards and fridge for breakage and leaking food items that may have occurred in transit.

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