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Explore Byron Bay!

Explore Byron Bay!

Byron Bay ‘s story began in 1770, when Lieutenant James Cook found a safe anchorage and named Cape Byron after a fellow sailor John Byron. Up until the 1950’s the town was part of an industrial boom, with a dairy factory, abattoirs, fishing, and whaling until 1963. It wasn’t until the 1960’s that long board surfers first discovered its amazing beaches ideal for surfing. This started off the town’s tourism that we still see strong today.

With the slogan “Cheer up, Slow Down, Chill Out” it’s hard not to feel relaxed in this friendly and welcoming community town. It is so easy to stop and have a chat with a local walking down the street, and they will always give you the best tips of where to eat and what to do while you’re in town. At first the abundance of positivity in the air can feel quite strange especially coming from a bustling city lifestyle; but it doesn’t take long to go with the flow.

One of the most iconic feature of Byron Bay is its lighthouse fixed on the most eastern point of the country. This is a hotspot for tourists especially with the ability to take a guided tour of the lighthouse for the cost of a gold coin donation.

The Byron area is surrounded by beautiful beaches and national parks. It’s great to find a local spot to take a walk and enjoy the natural beauty of Australia’s eastern coastline.

If you like shopping and dining out then Byron Bay is the place for you! There are an abundance of options for eating out, and with the town’s refusal to install fast food chains it’s hard not to enjoy the amazing local cafes and restaurants.

Byron is known for its quirky and hard working back bone, it is amazing to walk down the main street and go from store to store collecting local products and souvenirs. From candles and gem stones to the latest fashion trends it’s hard to resist.

The Farm is one of the best places to spend a day in Byron. It is great for all different ages and groups. The kids can chase some chickens or feed a pig. Whilst mum and dad explore the produce store. There is also a flower market, workshops and an amazing restaurant. There is so much to do here you will want to keep coming back for more.   

Another great thing to do while your taking some time out in Byron is to visit the Stone & Wood brewery and take a tour of their factory. It’s $20 per person to take a tour of the factory and learn a bit more about the beer making process and the history of the Stone & Wood brand. You can also purchase a tasting of all the different products produced by the popular brand.

 There are plenty of places to stay in Byron Bay. But if you are out and about in your Motorhome or campervan a great place to stay is the Byron Holiday Park. It is fully equipped for those travelers staying and just passing through for a night or two. They have entertainment facilities like a TV room and swimming pool as well as the practical ones such as a laundry and bathrooms. There is even a gas refill station on site for traveler convenience.

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