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Dear John

Here is a lovely letter sent by one of our customers.

Dearest John,

I just wanted to "Thank You" and all of your crew that helped me achieve my dream home. I'd really like you to know that I felt an instant re pore with Kim Haywood the moment I met him. His genuine and sincere approach made him more than just another salesman, and I've dealt with many over the years.

Kim's attentive yet relaxed approach throughout this whole experience has made me feel very special and I know he would be doing the same with everyone who comes to your premises. He gives off an automatic air of reassuring confidence with your Company. I told him "I wanted the dream that John portrays in his videos" and he genuinely wanted that dream for me too. Kim understood all my concerns, and alleviated a lot of the stress that was tied up in the purchase.

So finally John, Thank you for wanting us all to have the "Motorhome Dream" that I am proud to own, I am constantly approached about my bus and I can say with all my heart... "see Kim, he'll really will look after you".
It's a dream to drive and very comfortable... I'm looking forward to many years of enjoyment out of my new home.

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