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Motorhome Conversions

Being on the road for long periods of time, it is important to have a motorhome or campervan interior that you can comfortably live in and that suits your traveling needs. Unfortunately, the majority of motorhomes or campervans are built with little or no flexibility when it comes to design.  

This means that the customer may have to pay for many features that they don’t require. Or worse still, having to live with an interior design that “will make do” but not something that the customer really wanted.

Operating for over 10 years and having converted hundreds of vehicles such as Toyota Coasters and Mazda Gekkos, The Motorhome Conversion Company has a wealth of experience in building motorhomes and campervans to their customer’s needs. We believe that a motorhome or a campervan should be built the way you want it. Everything from the design of the layout to the colour of the fabrics can be customised.

The Motorhome Conversion Company’s “blank canvas” approach ensures you choose what you want. This can include Floor to Ceiling Pantries, Single Beds or Walk around Island Beds with Boot Storage, Double-Door Wardrobes, Lounge/Dining areas as well as Shower/Toilet requirements. These are just some of the options the Motorhome Conversion Company can build into your dream motorhome.

After all those important decisions are made, you can then choose from our growing list of accessories to deck out your new motorhome! Popular items include TV’s, Microwaves, Fridges, Ovens and even Washing Machines!

Of course, the size of vehicle will always determine what features and accessories you can fit within your motorhome. The Motorhome Conversion Company’s Sales & Design Team will use their vast experience to assist with design options to ensure optimum use of space in order to meet the customer’s needs.

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