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Why use a ‘Pre-loved’ vehicle instead of a brand new one to build your Motorhome?

Answer 1: Because our vehicles are mostly from Japan, the distance from one destination to another is relatively low in terms of kilometres. In comparison to local buses (which in general, will be well into the 300′s), some of our vehicles arrive with under 100,000 kms on the clock, and most tend to be between 100,000 to 200,000 kms.

When taking into consideration that these vehicles (Toyota Coasters and Hino Liesse/Rainbows) are built to truck specifications, it is no surprise that they often travel up to 800,000 kms before any major replacement parts are required (providing the vehicle is serviced regularly). This means that if you were so inclined, you could expect to drive around the earth more than 10 times, and still have kilometres left to spare on the clock!

Using ‘Pre-loved’ vehicles from Japan can also allow us to gain access to special models that were not released in Australia, and these models make for better converted motorhomes. For example, the Toyota Coasters we use all come as AUTOMATICS, and tend to have a hand rear boot, where as all Australian made Coasters of the same era were MANUALS and had a single barn door at the back.

Answer 2: We hear all too often from customers about the amount of value they receive from one of our motorhomes. The reason we can offer such great value is in some part attributed to the instant savings you can achieve by using second-hand vehicles versus a brand new one.

Rather than paying for a brand new vehicle and fitout, why not save the tens of thousands of dollars extra you were putting towards a brand new vehicle and invest the money were it really matters – on the fitout, which is inevitably where you will be spending most your time (we are yet to see anyone who sleeps in their engine bay!).

Answer 3: Resale. Due to the truck specifications of our vehicles, and the huge distances they can travel in their lifetime, if you happen put 100,000 kms on the clock, the depreciation is likely to be tiny in comparison to a motorhome built on the base of a brand new vehicle.

We have also found that our quality and professional fitouts tend to hold their value a lot better than those built by people and businesses with less expertise.


Why do we mostly use 7 metre Hinos or Coasters?

Answer 1: Both the 7 metre Hino Liesse & Rainbow are rear engine vehicles, this means they therefore have a flat floor all the way from the back to the front, thus giving you much more living area. Because of their width, you can sleep across the bus; this also gives you an opportunity to fit much more cabinet storage and kitchen work bench space.

Answer 2: 7 metre Coasters are front engine vehicles, this means that the rear boot can be absolutely huge! Coupled with a very powerful turbo diesel engine and the ability for them to be driven on a regular car license, they are one of our most popular and practical motorhomes.


What license is required?

Answer: A car license qualifies in most cases for our Toyota Coaster Motorhomes, However, often our Hino Rainbow & Liesse Motorhomes tend to exceed 4.5 tonne fully loaded (fuel & water). This means you may have to upgrade your licence to a Light Rigid (LR) rating (which is quite easy).


What about fuel economy?

Answer: Generally 12-14 litres per 100 kms or 8 kms per litre (based on current client feedback). This good fuel economy can be mainly not only to all our buses being diesel engines, but also due to the fact that the motor is not having to work to its maximum capacity. This is because the end weight of our motorhomes is still well under the G.V.M (Gross Vehicle Mass). If you consider that the buses were built and started out life as a 20 people passenger, it is easy to see that even when you replace the weight of 20 people with the fittings and features fully decked out motorhome, the G.V.M is still about 2/3 of the maximum capacity of the vehicle. Consequently our vehicles offer both excellent fuel economy and awesome power (should you need it).

With Toyota and Hino reliability, powerful yet economical 4 and 6 cylinder turbo diesel (or non turbo) engines and a brand new fitout custom built to your own design with Motorhome Conversions, your investment is safe and sound.