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Vast DSD 4121 Satellite Reciever with Smart Card (PVR)

Vast DSD 4121 Satellite Reciever with Smart Card (PVR)
Similar to the Vast Receiver  but with the added bonus of
being PVR ready (Personal Video Record ready). It comes with
a modified remote control enabling you to record your favourite
show. Your show is then recorded and stored on the HDD
(which is connected to your Vast Receiver via USB) ready for
viewing later. It is able to record a single channel at one time
and is allows you to pause live TV. The Vast Receiver supports
an externally powered HDD up to 1TB.
The Vast DSD 4121 Receiver is a high definition (HD) set top
box specifically designed for the Australian Vast service. It
is equipped with an HDMI interface, component video, stereo
audio outputs with digital audio S/PDIF and a handy USB port.
It allows viewers to receive all ABC and SBS digital channels
(including those from other states.) Programming from the
Seven, 9 and Ten networks are being broadcast in SD while,
OneHD , 7Mate and 9GEM are available in HD. The Vast DSD
4121 is also MPEG 2/4 HD compliant, has Dolby digital audio,
is subtitles capable and has an 8-day electronic program guid

Weight: 2.50 kg
Total: $349.00

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