On Friday night my sister-and-law Carmen and I set off in the Mazda Gekko from her home in Capalaba. We went to Yatala Drive-In Cinema. I had only been here once before and Ellie had never been to an outdoor cinema. There was a bit of a delay in the start of our movie but we managed to tune into one of the other movies through the radio—we could see the screen from the road.

After the movie we started the hour drive to Wivenhoe Dam. We didn’t realize how late we were when sneaking into our site at 1:30am! But it was so easy in the Gekko; we didn’t even have to get out of the car we just popped between the seats and went to sleep.


In the morning we looked outside to the most beautiful scenery. We didn’t really notice it in the pitch black coming in earlier that morning. There were kids kayaking on the water and the sound of the birds was so melodic we didn’t want to leave. On our way out of the grounds we were amazed to be followed by a small group of kangaroo’s that bounced alongside us. But soon we were back on the road heading towards the Lockyer Valley.

We made a stop at Spring Bluff Railway Station, It’s beautiful gardens made it worth the stop. We had morning tea at the café that was once the old station masters house. The history of the area and all the old photos of when the station was operational is so fascinating.


We continued our trip from Spring Bluff to Warwick. We enjoyed the views of different fields of growing crops and cows and sheep. We had our music pumping and really enjoyed the ease of driving. The Gekko really was so easy to drive, like my normal car. I was worried that being much taller and longer than my little Suzuki Swift, I would have troubles parking or maneuvering the Mazda. But it really was so easy.


When we arrived in warwick we were surprised how busy it was. We expected a little town with a few main stream shops. But it really was a thriving little CBD. We had been told it was a really nice place to stop so we stayed for lunch. We thought even though we signed up for a campervan road trip we still deserved a little bit of retail therapy and spent an hour or two browsing the main shopping strip of Warwick. Everywhere we drove in town we got glances from people walking down the street seeing out Mazda Gekko Campervan sign and trying to figure out where we had come from.


By that afternoon we reached Mount Tambourine Caravan Park. After we set up our site we treated ourselves to a much deserved hot shower. We were pleasantly surprised at how clean the facilities were. And before long we were sitting under the awning of our camper watching TV and cooking dinner.

In the morning it was all too easy to pop the roof down and make the trip back home. Luckily it was only another hour of driving before we were able to flop down on the couch at home. Although we really enjoyed the trip there really is nothing better than coming home again.


I would definitely rent the Mazda Gekko again. I had so much fun and was able to do things I never would have thought I would be able to do.

I am already planning to take my mum away next time, but we will most likely park near the beach and just watch the waves with a glass of champagne. Much more relaxing!